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Commercial Property Management Services in Lincoln

Having the capital available to invest in your own commercial property, or properties is an incredible experience. Not only are you assisting small businesses by giving them a place to host their business and benefit the community, you’re providing your fellow citizens with opportunities to open businesses in your building, explore businesses hosted in your building. By investing in commercial property, you’re lending your community in the Lincoln area a way to interact with the world of capitalism and the economy in a way they didn’t previously have room for. Not to mention, the passive income profits that result from this beneficial relationship are extensive and often make the investment itself totally worth while

However, investing in a commercial property doesn’t simply guarantee all of the passive income you could want. It also guarantees you’ll now have what is essentially a full time job managing that property and all of your renters needs. For some, that’s not too much to worry about. They may have a background in financing and other business transactions that makes them feel comfortable running a property by themselves now. But, even if you have skills that help you adapt to become a successful landlord, not everyone has the time needed to operate an in-depth financial plan and operation like that. Owning commercial property is far harder than owning residential property and renting to quiet tenants. That’s why so many commercial property owners in the Lincoln area look to HIP Realty for their property management needs.

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"Why You Need Property Management"

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re an experienced landlord, you should know that your investment property will take lots of time to run and manage. What’s usually a full time job for many individuals is something a single, private owner might take on in addition to their day-to-day life and job they already have a responsibility to. The amount of time that you need to invest in your property could be anywhere from a huge weekly time commitment to a relatively manageable one depending on the type of renters you select, the type of property you’ve invested in, and how readily you are willing to upgrade the individual property This amount of time, of course, does not take into account the potential emergencies you might have to handle from time to time. A fridge could break down, a water heater might break and start leaking all over the basement, and other disasters just like that could start at the drop of a hat without any reasonable notice beforehand. In these instances, your tenants rely on you to make their home hospitable again, and that’s not a task you can take lightly, or one that you can reasonably put off until you’ve found a more convenient time to complete it.

That’s why so many people turn to a property management company for their needs.

Together, we can navigate opportunities and risks, decrease tenant turnover, and take work off of your plate while helping you to improve your business and your property. Check out all of the benefits we provide every single one of our clients below!

That’s why so many people turn to a property management company for their needs. 

"Exploring Commercial Property Management"
"The benefits of a property management company."

For many people, it’s just not a practical solution to rely entirely on their free time to manage a property or even multiple properties. Issues arise without warning, and unless you live close, are very handy with tools and repairs, and have lots of free time throughout your day anyway, you’ll likely find yourself severely lacking in the time and resources you need and that’s just in regard to the day-to-day operation of your property. There’s still the business side of things to handle and that can quickly become overwhelming to the layman. Investing in a property management company can save you from all of that hassle and so much more. 



Keeping a Pulse on The Real Estate Market

Unless you have the time, or find investigating real estate market trends interesting, you won’t have much of an idea of where your rental price should be or the other important financial factors for your rental property. An experienced property management company like HIP Realty takes pride in being ahead of the curve in regard to predicting real estate trends and adapting quickly. A property management company uses data based on several properties in an area and makes conclusions based on the upcoming financial trends and where the real estate market is going. For example, if a new company is relocating to Lincoln, there will be an uptick in the population and the unemployment rate will decrease. This results in more people needing to rent, and more people wanting to rent a nicer space due to a promotion or pay increase from a new job. Without having your finger on the pulse, you won’t be able to make prediction-based improvements to your pricing structure. You won’t be able to get as much money from your rental property as it’s worth without that data in your back pocket. But, a capable property management company will keep tabs on those changes in the local environment and set your rental rates and even pet deposits according to the right trends in town.

Lower Vacancy

Due to a property management company’s resources, you’ll see your vacancy rate drop when you sign on with them. This is due to a couple of factors, the first being that they have a better calibrated understanding of not just the real estate market in your area, but the rental market as well. They can make timely, nimble decisions based on changing trends faster due to this information they access to more readily than the average citizen landlord. This allows them to keep your rent competitively priced, rather than just following blind market trends of raising the price of a unit when the market seems flush and therefore pricing yourself out of the market. They also have access to better marketing and advertising tools than the average citizen does. It’ll become their job to market your property and find you good, trustworthy tenants who are less likely to ruin your property or cause issues down the line. While those instances can hardly be entirely avoided, going through a property management company certainly helps to protect you from events such as those.

They’ll Handle Billing

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of hiring a property management company is that they eliminate all of the financial tasks from your todo list. They’ll have ways for your tenants to pay that are secure, convenient and gets you your passive income sooner, rather than later. Securing payments from tenants can be difficult at times, so it’s a major perk to have that entirely handled by a professional who's skilled at getting the money you need from your tenants. This is exceptionally crucial if you have a limited number of properties and therefore a much tighter flow of income.

Manage Your Relationship With Contractors

By far, one of the most time consuming parts of being a landlord is finding and building a relationship with a good set of contracting companies. Depending on the size and type of your properties in Lincoln, you’ll need a landscaping contractor to tend to your different properties. You’ll need a relationship with handyman contractors, sometimes multiples that offer different services such as carpentry and plumbing. A property management company handles all of that for you. They’ve already got a selection of good contractors in their pocket, and they know just who to contact whenever a problem with a property arises.

"Explore the benefits of property management services."
"Invest in a property managment services with HIP realty"

Here at HIP Realty, we know how valuable having a good property management team in your corner can be. We know how much it can advance and improve your profits and your relationship with your time on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we strive to offer exceptional property management services to landlords all over the Lincoln area. Together, we can work toward your investment property goals and explore more ways to improve your passive income and individual properties.

Our Management Services Include:

  • Property Management Services
  • Property Analysis
  • Hire and Supervise On-Site Personnel
  • Property Inspections
  • Rent Collection
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance Maintenance
  • Property Tax Information
  • Tenant / Resident Relations
  • Construction Management
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Maintenance Staff Experts
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance

Start pursuing a better version of your landlording career with HIP Realty. Reach out to us today to start creating a custom property management program for your properties. 


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