One of the hardest jobs of a property management company is having to evict tenants. Yet, as a property owner, you need your mortgage paid every month. Here at HIP Realty in Lincoln, our property management company offers comprehensive services, including evictions. Learn more below, and contact us today!



Acting on the Property Owner’s Behalf

When you partner with our property management company in Lincoln, we are able to act on your behalf for property management issues, including for evictions. This is good news for busy property owners who may not have the time for the legal process of evictions.

Eviction Notice

Reasons for Eviction

There are a few reasons to evict a tenant here in Nebraska. These include:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Engaging in illegal activities on the property
  • Breaking the lease terms
  • Endangering others
  • Destruction of the property


We Follow All Legalities

Eviction is a process governed by the state and city. Here at HIP Realty, we follow the law, ensuring the tenants have been warned and notified, that the proper notices have been given, and the court paperwork is in order.

Benefits of Our Property Management Company

While evicting people is never an easy task, our professional team has experience in the process and can ensure every step is followed. Let our impartial property management company handle this process for you as our customer. Call to learn more today.



HIP Realty offers full service property and apartment management services in Lincoln. Our team has years of experience handling everything from maintenance and tenant vetting to eviction and property upkeep. We collect rent and handle billing, too. We offer both residential and commercial property management services for all sizes of buildings. Let our experts keep your property safe, secure, and maintained. Call today!