Do you have a property that needs to be managed? Professional property management is an important aspect of any successful real estate strategy. Here are the top 4 skill sets we look for in property managers for our team at Hip Realty, that are mission critical to being able to provide you, our customers, with the best possible professional property management services.

Image of a woman on the phoneCommunication Skills
First let’s talk about communication skills.  Professional property managers should be good at proactively and responsively keeping in touch with customers, the owners of properties they are managing. Having both excellent written and verbal communication skills is required. Those communication skills need to extend to many different types of people, as they are responsible for tenants, contractors, customers, city officials, etc.

Image of a man organizing papersOrganization Skills
Professional property managers need to be highly organized. Managing the flow of information, tasks and projects between our internal team, owners, tenants and contractors can be complicated. Not to mention, the complexities that come along with managing multiple properties simultaneously. There are a lot of balls to juggle. Staying organized ultimately helps our team stay accountable, proactive and strategic with regard to how your property is managed. We believe that extreme ownership and accountability are critical for any member of our team, whether they be a property manager, accountant, real estate agent, administrator or maintenance technician.

Image of someone using a calculatorMoney Management
Money management and budgeting skills are also required of a successful property manager.  They need to be good at keeping track of funds and have an understanding of how much certain properties are worth.  Professional property managers need to be good at budgeting, forecasting and financial record keeping. Understanding the tax implications of owning real estate assets is also part of a property manager’s job.

Image of someone looking over a real estate contractReal Estate Knowledge
Lastly, a strong understanding of the industry is key. Professional property managers know how to do everything that needs to be done in order for your home or business to run smoothly and efficiently, including scheduling all maintenance appointments with reputable vendors. This means being able to keep up with local ordinances pertaining to rental properties, knowing what inspections are necessary at what times throughout the year, and knowing what to do when an emergency arises. Our professional property managers need to be well-versed in leasing, rental and real estate laws in Lincoln, Lancaster County and Nebraska.

If you are looking for high quality services for your property, working with a professional company is always better than trying to take care of it yourself or hiring someone without the proper training or experience. 

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